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"Doing Well While Doing Good"

Follow the link below to view our video highlighting the first AIA Miami Black Architects in the Making (BAM).

"Doing Well While Doing Good"

Humanitarian Award

Presented to M C Harry Associates

In Recognition of Civic, Philanthropic & Volunteer Initiatives

September 29, 2017

Florida State

Minority Supplier Developmental Council



June 21 2017

We have completed the first AIA Miami's Black Architects in the Making (BAM) community outreach for Summer 2017. This workshop was conducted in Liberty City where 6 of 8 students successfully completed the Workshop. Most of these students knew little or nothing about the architectural profession before BAM was introduced. The model they produced and presented were done in 2 days after a hands-on introduction to SketchUP.

Six students were awarded scholarships to attend the AIM 2017 Summer Camp. We have four scholarships left to award at the Overtown BAM Workshop.

Crash course in SketchUp

Finished Projects

Graduation Day!

Pride in Achievement

July 1st 2017


We have concluded the second Summer outreach of AIA Miami's Black Architects in the Making (BAM) at Overtown Youth Center where 8 students successfully completed the program. Again, most of these students were not aware of the architectural profession before BAM was introduced and while some still are not sure if they want to pursue architecture as a career they now know something about it.


 Students' projects are clipped below. It's always amazing to see what they are able to do in two hours after a couple sessions of hands-on introduction to SketchUP.


 Great news! BAM is invited to YWCA Miami to conduct a customized version of our Workshop. We welcome the idea of  informing young black women about our profession since Women makes up less than 35% of the profession but even more alarming at last count only 0.3% of the profession are black women!



While we are seeing some immediate benefits of sharing the knowledge of architecture with urban communities, we are really in the seed planting business... the real results will happen over many years to come.  Watch this postefor updates on our next BAM mission.

This concludes the 2017 BAM Community Outreach Program

Check back often for following sessions.....

August 2017

Black Architects in the Making: Following up in Overtown

AIA Miami's Black Architects in the Making (BAM) recent held an open house at Overtown Youth Center where parents were invited to see the projects done by their children. Turn-out was poor but on the positive side it was 300% better than the last time we had a closing at the same location... we're heading in the right direction!


 Again, we accomplished BAM's mission - 8 more people who knew little to nothing about architecture now knows that architects are integral to the development of our community.


 Thanks to Roddrick West and Naomi Harrison for volunteering for this event.

Just sharing some images from our recent Black Architects in the Making (BAM) community outreach. This time we had fun playing games like Architec-tionary (a game we made up based on Pictionary). We also played brain teaser games using coffee stirrers and made an interactive ppt presentation introducing the students to select iconic architecture around the world. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly and our mission was again accomplished - exposing inner city kids to architecture in a fun and creative way.


 Thanks again to Naomi Harrison for volunteering and MCHarry for giving us the time to continue this vital community outreach.



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