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    LEED Certified. This was the FIRST new Municipal building in Miami Dade county to be recognized for its sustainable design and construction strategies.


    Located in the heart of the Village of Palmetto Bay, Coral Reef Park with its 50 acres of open green space, pineland preserve areas, tranquil waterfront meditation garden, and active sports field venues is the signature park facility in a municipality that proclaims itself the ‘Village of Parks’.


    Focused on specific park improvement initiatives that reinforce and build social and human capital, the Village engaged MCHarry Associates to lead a collaboration based design process adhering to a multi-phased master park plan calling for incremental improvements which continue a safe, user-friendly, neighborhood park environment.


    The result, a 4,050sf, building carefully sited at the nexus of two ball fields in a wooded setting offering a shaded concessions environment with elevated views of the surrounding field activities. The building expresses a sense of movement and youthful exuberance without overpowering the site, and acts as a focal point offering a place for refreshment, respite, and congregation.


    Sustainable design strategies incorporated into the building include natural ventilation of all public spaces; low flow plumbing fixtures; high efficiency lighting; and wood building components following the Forest Stewardship Council’s principals and criteria.


    LEED Certified Statistics:


    45% Potable Water Savings

    42% Less Energy Use

    50% of Construction Waste Diverted from Landfill


M C Harry Associates Inc.

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Suite 302

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