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    The Wolfe University Center is the heart of FIU Biscayne Bay Campus. Situated on the edge of the central campus green, it offers student oriented amenities ranging from food & beverage venues and a book store, to recreation facilities and campus life/student government office space. In addition it features ballroom, meeting room and a theater space available to students, faculty and the general public.



    Students routinely assemble in the Center’s three story atrium space, also known as Panther Square, to participate in staged events, impromptu ‘street theater’ performances, and social exchange.


    The design delivers a collection of provocative technology-rich student lounge environments on multiple floors. Each lounge visually communicates with the other and with Panther Square’s ground floor stage-set; collectively reinforcing a student culture encouraging serendipitous learning and social exchange.




M C Harry Associates Inc.

2780 S.W. Douglas Road

Suite 302

Miami, Florida 33133



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