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    StartUP FIU is a collaborative, entrepreneurship hub for FIU students, faculty andearly-stage South Florida entrepreneurs pursuing opportunities in The FourthIndustrial Revolution. These opportunities include the development of breakthrough technologies, the pursuit of enterprises that close social or environmental gaps and

    the creation of companies that can create meaningful jobs of the future.

    MC Harry’s design aesthetic is a thoughtful blend of sleek contemporary officeinteriors with the warmth radiating from wood accents. The University’s branding program has been integrated into the design in the form of etched glass wall panels,custom carpet designs, school color appliqués, and multiple flat screen displays.

    The interior renovation incorporates selected existing perimeter offices while

    creating an open office environment to facilitate the collaboration of both small and

    large groups. Spaces accommodating a small meeting room, a training

    room/classroom, conference room and a break room are made part of the new

    design .ARCHITECURE .

M C Harry Associates Inc.

2780 S.W. Douglas Road

Suite 302

Miami, Florida 33133



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