Client: Florida International University

Conceptual Design
Grant Application

Ecosystem Dynamics and Policy (MFEDP) Center.

The $13,250,000 MFEDP Center Building would serve three research groups - Spatial and Population Dynamics, Coastal Ecosystem Dynamics, and Water Quality and Pollution.

The 36,200 sq ft MFEDP Center was designed to facilitate the collaborative and interdisciplinary work between field researchers and modelers and between natural and social scientists that is critical to the measurement and prediction of the effects of management on species, ecosystems, and human communities needed for sustainable use of coastal resources.

The MFEDP Center design expresses the sustainable design principles that were at the core of the design concept.  The high value lab and research spaces are elevated above a generally open ground floor.  This will protect the labs and research areas in case of catastrophic hurricane flooding. By placing the primary vertical structure outside of the building envelope, the walls/glass are easily shaded from direct sun.  The structure is extended above the main roof to support the photovoltaic panels.