MCHarry Associates developed a new prototype elementary school for Miami-Dade County Public Schools to house 800 to 1,300 student stations. The prototype has various reuses (adaptations) which yields a high quality design that is responsive to varying contexts.

The goal of the prototype system is to achieve a high performance school that delivers meaningful civic presence; responds well to varying site conditions; and creates an inviting educational environment for impressionable young minds.

The architectural vocabulary for the campus is based on a tilt-wall model. This construction model organizes a system of abstract, yet coherent, visual relationships expressed through the use of asymmetric, geometric, planar wall elements. Techniques for achieving student-oriented scale and proportion for the school includes the use of wall plane articulation, fenestration, and the controlled use of bold color.

The first four (4) of these schools have a budget of $100 million. The prototype elementary schools' total build out of 15 sites over the next five (5) years is estimated at $225 million.

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Award of Merit from Florida Educational Facilities Planners Association

Honorable Mention in the Educational Design Showcase

Tilt Award by the Tilt-Up Concrete Association, via Woodland Construction Co., Inc.