The Gibson-Bethel Community Pool is an urban oasis in the heart of the City. It is the catalyst that positions the overall park environment as the focal point of community interaction; and reinforces the City’s ongoing investment in social networking and individual productivity.

MCHarry Associates completed program analysis and schematic design for the community pool which utilizes the pool attraction to promote weekend open markets in the Park’s grassy commons area; a new venue concept where neighborhood entrepreneurs can bolster the local economy having applied for micro financing through the CRA . The community pool environment is available for both daytime activities and evening events that might include local music ensembles, art programs, and educational forums.

The pool deck is landscaped with a variety of native species including live oaks…one of Florida’s most beautiful native trees, and the pool itself has two islands with clusters of graceful palms. The dappled shade of the palms enhance the refracted light on the pool bottom by day, and at night underwater illumination will cast rivulets of light on the surrounding landscape.

All architectural elements are modest yet elegant structures that blend well with the park’s landscape features. The pool buildings consist of two open air pavilions with steeply pitched metal roofs to collect rainwater for landscape irrigation; and two trellised structures housing sky lighted pool support space.

There will be no energy consumptive air conditioning. Climate control will be accomplished by means of both passive and mechanical ventilation. Photovoltaic energy production will offset the facilities’ annual energy bill. Solar heating will mitigate cool weather water temperatures. The project is required to seek LEED certification.