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    The Central Revenue Collection Plaza at MIA has elevated the traditionally mundane revenue collection building type, typically utilitarian in nature, to that of a gateway feature element celebrating entry to one of the most dynamic cities in the world.


    This project has inspired renowned artist, John David Mooney, to create a lively, large-scale, plaza artwork comprised of a multi-colored curvilinear paving pattern performing in concert with a stainless steel light sculpture. The artwork is entitled Miami Wave.


    The sixteen (16) lane, 400 ft long structure serves a 12,000 car parking complex and creates a symbolic gateway to the city from the Miami International Airport. The project, located in an extremely dynamic seven acre urban setting, centralizes parking toll collection combining conventional attendant cashier service with state of the art electronic credit / debit card and “speed pass” technology (by singh). It is anticipated that more than 20 million people a year will pass through this unique and memorable gateway to the “Magic City”. Features include an integrated LED Dynamic Sign System designed to display a variety of prerecorded messages and custom messages as necessary, a complex CCTV System including internal CCTV cameras monitoring cashier activity as well as recording the license tag of all vehicles entering and existing the revenue system. Each booth will include direct communication with the administration building and panic alarm system.


    The Miami Chapter of the American Institute of Architects awarded the Unbuilt Award of Excellence for Design to this project in 1998.



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