Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority Mary L. Rice Service Center

Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority’s customer service center is a two story ‘green’ building located on a wooded 2.25 acre site on Vaca Key. The 9,400sf project is comprised of FKAA office space, community facilities, and related support functions.

Technical/ Environmental/ Social Advancements:

The project is tracking a LEED Platinum Level Certification. Additional design elements of the project include wetlands restoration and creation of a palm hammock; pervious parking lot pavement; water efficient plumbing fixtures; high performance glazing; and daylighting of interiors reducing the need for artificial lighting. The building’s structure and envelop will be designed beyond code to accommodate the wind loads and pressures associated with a 175 mph three second gust.

The building is an unaffected direct response to the Florida Keys’ historic concern for energy and water efficiency. It will be used as a teaching tool for visitors and customers that frequent the facility. The building will demonstrate sustainability, survivability, and a responsible ‘new generation’ expression for Florida Keys architecture.

Keys Sunday; March 2008