Shenandoah Middle School Addition

MCHarry was hired to create an addition to the school. They added anew 154 student station, 8,276.5 sf single story classroom building with a 2,410 sf attached PE shelter. The new building has 7 middle school classrooms, 2 group restrooms, 1 unisex staff restroom, 1 office and related MEP spaces. Additionally, 2 new sidewalk covered walkways, with one connecting to existing campus building and others to sidewalk on 19th Avenue. Includes demolition of existing sidewalks to accommodate new classroom building. Expansion of existing parking lot to create 18 additional spaces, landscaping at new building and parking and renovation of existing basketball courts.


LOCATION                                                                                                                                                                      Miami, Florida

CLIENT                                                                                                                                          Miami Dade County Public Schools

PROGRAM                                                                                                                                          Addition to the existing program